Social Media Posting Packages

Forbes recommends that small businesses post on Facebook 1-5 times per month, Twitter 1-5 times per day, and Instagram as frequently as desired as long as it is consistent. The following packages will fit into those recommendations.

No matter what package you choose, each post will be custom-branded and written in your voice. Audience engagement can be added to any package.

Please note: if none of these packages seem to fit your business’ needs, I am more than happy to put together a custom package for you. Let’s talk about your goals and decide what’s best for you.

Minimalist Package: 1 Facebook post/month, 1 Instagram post/week, and 1 Twitter post/day

(1 Facebook post, 4 Instagram posts, and 30 Twitter posts per month)

Basic Package: 2 Facebook posts/month, 2 Instagram posts/week, and 2 Twitter posts/day

(2 Facebook posts, 8 Instagram posts, 60 Twitter posts per month)

Premium Package: 1 Facebook post/week, 3 Instagram posts/week, and 3 Twitter posts/day

(4 Facebook posts, 12 Instagram posts, and 90 Twitter posts per month)

Remember, you can create a custom package to suit your business’ needs if none of these fit.

If you feel that one of these social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) do not suit you, we can either switch it out for another platform or create a package with only one or two platforms.

When you select a package, shoot me an email so we can get started. I will then send you a list of questions to answer so I can create the best social media posts possible for your business.

Your personal and business information will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

You may cancel or change plans at any time.

If you need help creating a social media page, I am more than happy to do so. Please contact me for more information.